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What makes Einstein so different than other people? His brain has just a couple differences which neuroscientists believe were likely developed by something he did as a child to create vast branches of neurons and to preserve many of his neurons from destruction. Now consider these facts:

a) The fact is that we are born with most of our enormous numbers of neurons at birth. Few neurons are created after birth.

b) The fact is that the brain "prunes" (destroys) up to 50% of its neurons before the age of 30 if they are not used in certain ways. Pruning happens naturally during early childhood, teen, and young adult years. That loss is generally more than loss from strokes, dementia, and traumatic brain injury.

When we are born, we have more neurons in our brains than the combination of all the roads, highways, and footpaths on earth. Now add to that sum all the people, all the vehicles, and all the restaurants. Despite that huge number, the human baby brain still has far more neurons. We have astoundingly far more intersections in our head than is seen between all paths, roads, and highways. Our processing and storage capacity is incredible. 

But now imagine half of the world losing its light in 30 years. That is what happens from pruning when we don't use our brains optimally. What a waste! 

What can you do to help your children to develop their abilities optimally? How can you minimize the loss of their precious brain cells? How can you help yourself? ECRIT has the answers.


How to Enhance Your Child's Cognitive Development

WHO:       SEMINAR for parents and teachers led by Andrew Chi, M.D.

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Time:       1 PM - 4 PM (3 hour)


WHY:       You can massively change your baby's intelligence!

Note:       This seminar has been given as a webinar in the past.

But what does research show us?  This SEMINAR will cover questions such as:

a) What are the neurological and psychological processes involved? 

b) What can improve their development? 

c) What are the best ways to stimulate their brains? 

d) What kind of neurological stimulation is not good? 

e) What should we avoid to safeguard their development?

f) What is the best type of school for them? 

g) What kind of parenting is best?  Are Tiger Moms detrimental or preferrable? 

h) What and how should we teach them when they are young? 

i) Does classical music improve their development? 


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SEMINAR: Becoming Smarter and Wiser

WHO:        Seminar for children, teenagers, and adults led by Andrew Chi, M.D.

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WHEN:      Saturday, April 7, 2018

Time:          9 AM - 4 PM (6 hour seminar with 1 hour break)


WHY:         This SEMINAR may be your crucial entry ticket to a lifetime of success.

NOTE:        Registration is still open

Most people are born with incredible brain power.  If you can read this, you were born with more than 600 billion neurons!  However, most people don't know how to utilize most of their brain power; therefore, they lose about 500 billion neurons in two stages of neuronal death during childhood and late adolescence.  You can prevent some of that enormous loss of neurons for tremendous benefit throughout the rest of adulthood. 

Although psychologists and neuroscientists have learned a lot about the brain, most public and private schools in the United States are unaware of the changes and enhanced capabilities of the mind.  The Modern and Postmodern American methods of teaching remain quite passive and do not demonstrate the most optimal ways to learn, remember, and create, for the research findings have not trickled down.  In the meantime, many people like using the term "Critical Thinking" without knowing what it actually is.  Sadly, previous methods that were extraordinarily effective have sadly been abandoned.  If you would like to find out how to train your child to become a wunderkind or how to enhance your adult brain, find out more in this seminar.

Regardless of what is happening locally, you do need to find ways to make you, your family, and your team both successful and capable of adaptation now.  It isn't merely because other parents and teachers in certain parts of the world are training their children how to use their brains more fully and effectively. Although many people tend to rely upon electronic devices too much these days, everyone will seriously need the best analysis, will power, and skills from within their own brains to improve their situation in the near future.  For researchers at the University of Oxford have predicted that 45% of all current jobs will be replaced by computer programs or robots in the next 20 years.  Sales of domestic robots are skyrocketing from 4.7 million in 2014 to an estimated 38 million robots by 2018.  Sadly, formerly successful people rarely transition into other fields well, and we will explain the neurologic and psychological reasons for their difficulty.

That said, if one argues that we cannot be as smart as a computer, we must at least learn how to become wise... for wisdom is an asset that a computer program cannot duplicate effectively.  Wisdom is also better than intelligence that works very hard.  Hard work is not enough, and with wisdom, one can actually work far less hard but get better results.  Thus, we will cover different types of wisdom as well including what neuroscience informs us.  Furthermore, we will see how wisdom and intelligence work together.

Most people remain in denial about significant problems in their lives.  Instead, you can face the facts and do something about it.  This unique SEMINAR will quickly teach you how to become smarter, wiser, and more successful.  We will discuss the neuroscience, psychology, computer, academic, professional, and economic aspects of these topics.  Click on this panel for further details.  We will show you how to utilize, develop, and protect the treasure that you already have.

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