We offer ACADEMIC COACHING for all sorts of issues:

  • Techniques for teaching young children
  • Motivational Coaching for students and parents
  • Problem-solving for academic problems
  • Strategic planning for college admissions & scholarships*
  • Strategic planning for graduate school or professional tracks
  • Application and admissions psychology for college*
  • Application and admissions psychology for grad school
  • Application and admissions psychology for medical school
  • Admissions essay coaching*
  • Admissions interview coaching*
  • Admissions and scholarship negotiation*

*If anyone wants to get into a top college, it would be best to contact us as soon as possible (years in advance) so that you can enact a comprehensive plan and devote more time toward academics and activities that are truly prioritized by universities.  It is no longer enough to be well-rounded; there are specific sports and extracurricular endeavors that universities prefer far more.  The value of these activities extends beyond mere admission because some of them help provide significant scholarships.  Why aim for just admission when a student could get up to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of scholarships?

For further information about our ACADEMIC COACHING services, please click on the ACADEMIC COACHING Information Menu Tab to the left.

Session Time for Academic Coaching

WHO:       any STUDENT (children, teenagers, and adults), PARENT, and/or TEACHER

WHAT:     click the photo or title above for details

WHEN:     per appointment (within or outside of Seminar Weeks)

WHERE:   via Skype/Zoom, Telephone, or in person at a determined location

WHY:       This may be a time when you need help achieving academic goals

COST:        Base cost is $500/hour (less with contract)

NOTE:      We highly recommend getting a contract with us or purchasing session time with us.  The college and graduate school season becomes very busy from October through April.  Those who have a contract or purchase session time in advance get priority response including sessions and work in the late hours of the night.  This is especially important if you are on the West Coast which is 3 hours behind the East Coast.