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SEMINAR: Becoming Smarter and Wiser

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WHO:  Seminar for all ages led by Andrew Chi, M.D. of ECRIT


This seminar will teach you how almost anyone can increase their Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and memory.  After teaching you about key aspects of brain function and brain pathology (because loss of function helps us appreciate normal function), this SEMINAR will give you an overview of popularized cognitive topics in the media today.  For instance, concepts such as NeuroplasticityMulitple IntelligencesEmotional Intelligence (EI)Metacognition, and Flow may have either considerable validity, overblown significance, or little basis.

This seminar then covers ways to sharpen your focusincrease your memoryaccelerate your recallenhance your creativity, design masterpieces,improve problem-solvingdevelop brilliance, and enhance other innate cognitive capabilities to become visionary, impressive, and excellent.

Success, however, requires more than a certain amount of intelligence and skill.  Success requires wisdom that provides strategy, insight, & diligence.  Although Wisdom is largely dismissed or overlooked in this postmodern era, wisdom is a key functioning attribute for personal and professional growth.  Unfortunately, too many people depend upon the supposed wisdom of other people or their biased selves.  Discover more about how wisdom improves our lives and what science is learning more about human analysis, decision-making, and leadership.  Furthermore, although computers can certain analyze more data extremely quickly, humans still have the upper hand with true wisdom that computer programs cannot simulate.

You will hear about the contributions of many researchers, including Nobel Prize winners.  Better yet, the research findings will be simplified for those without any knowledge of the human brain. A reference list will be provided for those who wish to dig deeper.


Saturday, April October 15, 2018 

9 AM - 4 PM (6 hours long)



Flushing, NY

Please note that there are 2 entrances to the building (a North Entrance and a South Entrance) and 2 entrances to the parking lot (a North Entrance and a South Entrance).  It doesn't matter which way you enter the parking lot, but use the North Entrance at the parking lot facing COMMERCE DRIVE which leads to the large lobby where the auditorium is.  Avoid the South Entrance on CORPORATE DRIVE (it is one floor above the auditorium and doesn't have a large lobby with direct access to the auditorium even though it has a drop-off lane along Corporate Drive).


It all comes down to a matter of value and time.  If this information is invaluable to you, please be aware that the next date for this seminar at this location probably won't be until the summer of 2017.


$1500/person for early registration by January 1, 2018 (by phone, mail, or online)

$2000/person for late registration depending upon seat availability (cash only at the door)

note: some coupons are still applicable in the final week before the seminar


There are many hotels and restaurants around the Scinto corporate park.  Il Palio is the best restaurant in the area, and it has phenomenal Renaissance style painting and marbling up on the second floor.


When your payment is processed, we will send you a confirmation via your email or mailing address.  We may later send you an email or envelope with some preparatory material to read, write, and ponder.  When you check in to our seminars, please bring your confirmation email or letter.  It is a good idea to bring a photo I.D. so that you can prove who you are if someone else tries to impersonate you.  At our seminars, we will provide a seminar packet, planning exercises, checklists, and Q&A time.  Your participation in our seminars can be active or passive as long as it is appropriate.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Kamron , 07/12/2016

Thank you for the deep insights and erudite explanations about intelligence, wisdom, learning, memory, mastery, and success. It gave me great hope and a refreshed mind. I sense that I am indeed smarter and wiser after this one talk.

Reviewed by Liting , 02/28/2016

Outstanding and very brainy seminar. I've read many self-help books but couldn't get their ideas to help me out. This seminar happened to consolidate much of those ideas and further explained why people like me had a difficult time developing success from them. After that, I found the ideas and solutions from the webinar are quite effective.