Which books about COLLEGE ADMISSIONS ESSAYS & INTERVIEWS are insightful... and which of these are actually misleading and harmful for applicants?
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Secrets to Mastering College Admissions Essays, Interviews, Letters of Recommendation, and Scholarships [Part 1]: [NYC QUEENS: Flushing, NY]

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College is becoming incredibly expensive... so students and parents should learn how to get the best outcomes from the investments that they have striven for.  Actively use the senior high school years to provide a trajectory into a spectacular and worthwhile college experience which should be foundational for fulfilling future careers and adult life.  Instead of worrying about which college will accept you, use strategies that will make them court you instead.

That said, how does a student truly get into the best possible college with large scholarships and grants?  Surely you have heard many different ideas.  To answer that crucial question, this Success Seminar systematically examines a number of educational philosophies, methods, strategies, obstacles, and difficulties that people experience regarding ESSAYS, INTERVIEWS, LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION, SCHOLARSHIPS, and GRANTS.  

Gain perspective to discern what you should and should not convey in your essays and interviews.  Learn about the real and significant uses of the college admissions essays that you probably don't realize and plan ahead for.  This is one of those moments when there truly is 'power of the pen.'  Realize what you should do to prepare for these essays and interviews years in advance... and learn what you can do now if you are a senior in high school with very little time.

This ECRIT Academy Success Seminar can help you discover and consider critical aspects of college preparation and the college admissions process that you wouldn't otherwise contemplate.  Find out what the College Board and the admissions officers do not want you to know as universities change their criteria and methods.  Understand why top grades, AP courses, and outstanding test scores are often not enough to create the best college application or attain significant scholarships.  Realize what activities different universities may regard highly or not value.  Gain insight into how different types of college admissions officers think, pick students, and distribute scholarships and grants.  Learn about important techniques & strategies that you should start implementing and practicing (preferably years in advance).  Obtain a method to determine which schools to avoid so that you aren't faced with the dilemma of transferring in the future.  Hear about the positives and negatives of universities overseas.  Avoid the passive, costly, and heartbreaking mistakes that others make in junior high school, senior high school, and college.  Last, given that college applications are stressful for students and parents alike, figure out how to work collaboratively as a successful team from suggestions in the seminar.  These are just a few of the topics covered during this Success Seminar.


Speakers led by Andrew Chi, M.D. of ECRIT

For any middle school student, high school student, and/or parents


Date:  Sunday, June 24, 2018

Time: 1 PM – 4 PM  (3 hours long)


NYC: Downtown Flushing, Queens

Sheraton La Guardia East Hotel

near Main Street & College Point Blvd
135-20 39th Avenue
Flushing, NY 11354
(718) 460-6666
Avoid the passive, costly, and heartbreaking mistakes that others make.


Subway:     2 blocks away - the "Flushing Main Street Station" of the NYC Subway Purple “7 train"
Train:          3 blocks away - the "Flushing Main Street Station" of the Long Island RR "Port Washington Line"
Car:            Via the Van Wyck Exprwy (I-678), Whitehurst Exprwy (I-678), and Long Island Exprwy (I-278)
                    Parking is plentiful in the garage under the Sheraton or two blocks away at 138th Street
La Guardia Airport:                                 10 min by free shuttle
Arthur Ashe US Open Tennis Stadium:      5 min away by car
NY Mets baseball team Citifield Stadium:  4 min away by car
When your payment is processed, we will send you a confirmation via your email or mailing address.  We may later send you an email or envelope with some preparatory material to read, write, and ponder.  When you check in to our seminars, please bring your confirmation email or letter.  It is a good idea to bring a photo I.D. so that you can prove who you are if someone else tries to impersonate you.  At our seminars, we will provide a seminar packet, planning exercises, checklists, and Q&A time.  Your participation in our seminars can be active or passive as appropriate.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by The A, 08/30/2014

The main instructor of this seminar shared the principles for publishing almost any kind of work before talking about writing essays and filling in college applications. He used his experience in the publishing industry, his work as a writer, and his role as a visual artist to explain fascinating and stark differences between visual artists and writers which provided important lessons about how writers get bogged down, lose their way, and become ineffective while trying to produce a written masterpiece. The point was that what looks like a masterpiece can help significantly but lack the successful impact of a less beautiful or seemingly less interesting essay. He was not discouraging us from submitting a masterpiece, but he stressed attending to the components and purposes of the essays first in relation to a larger masterwork: the application.

Before we viewed and critiqued essays that applicants had submitted in the past, we also got an inside look into the mindsets of different sorts of readers who look at college admissions essays. The insights & analogies were very helpful. The instructor also had experience with conducting many interviews, so that take was very important to hear, too.

Interviews are also crucial, although there are some application counselors and admissions officers who downplay them. The instructor pointed out that if interviews weren't important, then no admissions officer, alumnus, or applicant would waste their time with them. Furthermore, applicants are interviewed later for many grad school and for all sorts of jobs. Most public schools don't interview the majority of applicants, but if they ask to interview the applicant, it is usually for something quite important. But we also learned that the colleges sometimes interview more than just the student applicant, that there are times when they are scrutinizing parents and even interviewing parents at the family's request. Thus, teamwork was brought up, and parents need to know what an applicant is writing, the work should resonate with them, and they should complement it. Conflicts can ruin the application process, so the application team needs to keep working on internal problem. BTW, the instructor said that parents are only interviewed in certain circumstances, so don't think I am suggesting for your parents to simply ask to be interviewed.

Reviewed by The p, 08/18/2014

This seminar actually introduces and tackles many things that one wouldn't not realize partly bc no one in high school teaches you how to right effective college essays, job cover letters, or interview techniques.  Aside from subject matter and style, there is a complex psychology involved that is truly eye opening.

Reviewed by sansoucci , 08/13/2014

I used to fret over anything I write... especially if it had to be a masterpiece. Dr. Chi gave surprising and compelling insider views of how college essays, cover letters, novels, biographies, poems, and historical works are viewed by gatekeepers like college admissions directors, human resources, publishers, book agents, researchers, and even artificial intelligent computer programs! Although I felt even more nervous at first, Dr Chi provided me with helpful, visionary, artistic, and effective ways to write. I previously had trouble getting on the horse because I worried too much about how I would be perceived, but he had me flying through the countryside with exuberance upon my cherry brown racer, so to speak. I learned to write with confidence, speed, and excitement... and my works do make the type of impact he helped me to analyze and train for.