Which books about COLLEGE ADMISSIONS are insightful... and which of these books are actually misleading and harmful for applicants?
Marriott Teaneck Hotel at Glenpoint (NJ)

Secrets to Attain the Best Possible Colleges, Grants, and Scholarships [NYC METRO: Fort Lee/Teaneck, NJ Area]

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College is becoming incredibly expensive, so students and parents should learn how to get the best outcomes from the investments that they have striven for.  How does a student truly get into the best possible college with large scholarships and grants?  This seminar discusses how colleges choose applicants, but it maintains a focus upon what is best for academic and professional development after acceptance into college.

This ECRIT Academy Success Seminar can help you discover and consider critical aspects of college preparation and the college admissions process that you wouldn't otherwise contemplate.  Find out what the College Board and the admissions officers do not want you to know as universities change their criteria and methods.  Understand why top grades, AP courses, and outstanding test scores are often not enough to create the best college application or attain significant scholarships.  Realize what activities different universities may regard highly or not value.  Gain insight into how different types of college admissions officers think, pick students, and distribute scholarships and grants.  Learn about important techniques & strategies that you should start implementing and practicing (preferably years in advance).  Obtain a method to determine which schools to avoid so that you aren't faced with the dilemma of transferring in the future.  Hear about the positives and negatives of universities overseas.  Avoid the passive, costly, and heartbreaking mistakes that others make in junior high school, senior high school, and college.  Discern the various scams to avoid.  Last, given that college applications are stressful for students and parents alike, figure out how to work collaboratively as a successful team from suggestions in the seminar. 



Speakers led by Andrew Chi, M.D. of ECRIT

For any middle school student, high school student, and/or parents



Date:  Saturday, February 17, 2018   

Time: 9 AM – 12 PM  (3 hours long)



NYC Metro: Fort Lee, NJ area

Marriot Teaneck Hotel at Glenpoint

(at Exit 70 on highway I-95)
100 Frank Burr Boulevard
Teaneck, NJ 07666
(201) 836-0600
Avoid the passive, costly, and heartbreaking mistakes that others make in junior high school, senior high school, and college


Car:  1 block away from Interstate Highway (I-95) at exit 
         Free parking is plentiful in the outdoor parking lot 
Fort Lee Downtown                               3 miles by car
George Washington Bridge                   8 miles by car
Newark Liberaty International Airport  18 miles by car
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Erma B, 11/12/2017

I know of other families who spent tens of thousands of dollars upon Michelle Hernandez's training for teenagers. It seems she can be effective for getting your kids into Ivy League schools, but what our family has realized is that her perspective merely teaches your kids a gaming mindset and strategy for getting into college. That is not a good mindset for ultimate success.

Unlike Michelle's expensive program, this one is relatively affordable. More importantly, it is unique. This one explains the gaming but instead emphasizes mastery, philosophy, long term academic planning, long term career planning, financial planning, and other wise perspectives that high school students must consider to get into the best college for them and to match the better success mindsets. Most universities and professors do not teach success.

I write because I think that most colleges, universities, admissions advisors, students, and families are all going in the wrong direction with values that are ruining the future of our younger generations. People talk about it, but this seminar was the first time that I've seen any organization seriously take this into consideration.

Reviewed by Sarah C, 09/25/2017

We were grateful to run into Dr. Chi and some of his associates. They uniquely combine expert knowledge with honesty and goodness. My kids got the best possible fits for them, whereas other friends ended up regretting the colleges they chose and the way they thought about college admissions. The insights have helped my kids beyond college admissions as they clearly make much better decisions and proactively build up their future than other college students.

Reviewed by Ann W, 07/19/2017

The seminar was good, but when the topic shifted from typical college admissions topics to academic and career development considerations, the STEM fields were mentioned far more than other fields like Law or Finance. It could use some balance or additional speakers in those areas.

Reviewed by Sarah H, 06/13/2017

The seminar had far less discussion about scholarships than we preferred. However, what we learned in the seminar and later through academic coaching did help win scholarships.

Reviewed by Chelsea W, 05/24/2017

This seminar is an excellent introduction to Dr. Chi and his colleagues. They are reasonably priced, they talk reasonably, and they help keep different opinions in the household reasonable until the family can finally agree together which college to finance.

I am glad that they speak so truthfully about different types of colleges (Ivy League, Seven Sisters, public universities, etc.) as well as graduate schools and careers from the very beginning. No other guidance counselor or admissions consultant did that.

Another one of our kids is now graduating with his dream college ahead of him. He got good grants and scholarships, but we are even more confident because of the wisdom he got from ECRIT. I am sorry that we can't say that for many of his peers.

Reviewed by Tami S, 03/28/2017

My family attended with Vickie's family some years ago. Everything we heard helped us understand the minds of the admissions officers. I am glad that my kids didn't fall for the sales pitches of minority recruiters. Most of those college admissions officers care about their own institution success, not the dreams and success of your kids. They want the college to look a certain way instead of doing anything afterwards to help your kids grow. It's sick.

So I agree with Vickie. We took Dr. Chi's advice to focus upon our dreams instead of merely fitting into someone's dreams or model of multiculturalism, and we worked as a team. My kids now seem like they are truly on the track to success. They know there won't be a minority recruiter for what they want to do in life, so they are teaming up with other kids who have the same success mindset.

Reviewed by Vickie F, 03/19/2017

My family appreciated the honest discussion about minority scholarships and minority recruiting. My kids were all excited that they were recruited early for athletics and their ethnicity. But I wondered about the admissions process game and which university was truly best for them. They also needed perspective about building up their own mastery for future success. I am glad to say that they are grounded with good heads on their shoulders now in college. They learned not to become dependent upon their successes in high school and to merely listen to the flattery of college recruiters. Flattery can be poisonous. My kids needed good nutrition and nurturing instead. Thankfully they didn't approach admissions and college the wrong way after this seminar.

Reviewed by Sabrina W, 02/21/2017

I highly recommend this seminar to any family who has a tight budget. There was a good mix of talk about academic, athletic, social, professional, and financial fits for college. Dr. Chi was great at putting it all in perspective for my kids who were focused on the first three fits. Different categories of high schools and colleges are discussed, different types of scholarships were discussed, and different financial paths were laid out.

There was less discussion about financial aid than what I would have wanted at first, but we the Academic Coaching is also worth it and saved us considerable money in the longrun from the scholarships our kids got.

Reviewed by null , 01/20/2016

The seminar was so good we came back a second time with our other teen. I would recommend bringing your children when they are in middle school or early high school especially if you or they have big dreams. But I would also recommend it for apathetic teenagers. For they need to hear something like this to be encouraged or awakened from their mental slumber.

Reviewed by bold t, 08/30/2014

The first hour could've been trimmed for the sake of the rest, but it was important. First several couple slides were excellent and insightful. The second series of slides about success isn't all unique but great for a kid to grasp. The third part about data/truth/bias was a dry topic to me on any day but important for what followed.

After that start, we did get an inside operational and psychological view of college admissions with priorities and standards. We were placed at the scene in the seats of power. We heard/read words of the hierarchy. Once you know who you're dealing with, then you can strategize, alter your training, and eventually negotiate.

Yes, we could read all the books that they had read, but who has the time? And their method of analysis (which they taught us) was helpful for any pieces of data that we'll read in the papers or hear from networking. Given that college admissions has changed a lot + competition is increasing, this seminar was well worth it.

Reviewed by Sir R, 08/23/2014

Although the well-known Michele Hernandez was an Assistant Admissions Officer at Dartmouth, from this seminar you also get to hear and analyze the words of authorities from higher levels (Senior Admissions Officer at Harvard, Dean of Admissions at Princeton, Dean of Law School Admissions at University of Chicago, etc).

You also get to hear about some crucial things that they don't admit... or only hint at. One topic is the bias against certain types of applicants... and what those applicants should now do to succeed despite the discrimination.

In addition to hearing about what happens behind the closed door of the admissions office team, you'll hear how successful applicants present themselves and work with their own team of friends, family, teachers, and college counselors. Without teamwork that has defined roles and steps toward goals, applicants fail.

Reviewed by spectacles , 08/21/2014

Costly but much less expensive than others.  Definitely a great value for what you pay.  There are many ironies that the seminar discusses and provides strategies for.  

One point I knew is that colleges flag and categorize students and it is important not to be placed in the wrong category!  The wrong categories quickly get rejected without much or any further inspection. Now we know how to avoid being placed in the less desired categories and how to get into a better category for admissions and scholarships.

The importance of networking was also discussed, and it isn't quite like what many people think. The seminar discussed different types of networking for college applications and during college. It was very practical, especially if one has little time, few contacts, or no idea about how to do it.

If you have resources (time, money, connections), this seminar is helpful. If you don't have resources, this seminar is also very helpful.

This seminar sounds similar to the ECRIT seminar in Flushing.

Reviewed by the b, 08/19/2014

this seminar claims to reveal dozens of secrets.  it certainly does.  some of them are quite disturbing, but the presentation then gave solutions.  the biggest secret is this seminar itself which reveals far more then one would expect such as the discussion about achieving success for college admissions and future careers.  in fact, it also makes you reevaluate your own self and family members so that you can become an efficient and effective team with rising honor instead of a family struggling with painful conflicts.  there was also an interesting take on the fact of competition that was truthful and uplifting in spite of all the Darwinian backstabbing that happens among students. yes - I highly recommend this seminar to families who have younger teenagers or high school seniors.

Reviewed by Rename i, 08/18/2014

Phenomenal seminar. The research was exhaustive + thorough, so no need to buy, read, and analyze books about college admissions on their own. The seminar covers perspectives of Michelle Hernandez, Andrew Allen, Mitchell Stevens, Jacques Steinberg, Daniel Golden, Mandee Adler, and many others while analyzing their perspectives/bias/propaganda. Then you get even more inside info all of which are helpful to hear. With all that data and opinion, one is then led to evaluate it all for the sake of effective college admissions strategies and perspectives.