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Reviewed by JimmiNi , 10/21/2017

These folks are excellent for editing college admissions essays and interview prep. They are the only ones who try to get to know you and understand you, and that helps when you get writer's block or are unsure what is best or not best to write or say.

Reviewed by Anisa , 02/28/2016

We wanted the best for our kid but didn't realize what was truly attainable. Dr. Chi's seminars were great, but when he recommended certain top schools, we thought there was no chance. Now that our teen has been accepted to UC Berkeley and already has scholarships to some other top schools, we shouldn't have doubted and given up on applying for some schools that our teen was dreaming for and would have thrived in. It is not entirely true that "where there is a will, there is a way," but we have now learned that where there is expertise and strategy, one should have some faith in a professional and the value of what one has already developed.

Reviewed by ballerine c, 10/27/2015

In addition to the Academic Coaching, the Performance Coaching really helped me out with my artistic academic endeavors. For any budding artist, I would recommend Dr. Chi in particular because he has wise, intelligent, and artistic perspectives and experiences.

Reviewed by Anonymous, 09/24/2015

Unless he specifically refers you to someone else for something like Law School, stick with Dr. Chi. He is incredible in almost every way for college and medical school admissions. He demonstrates with very meaningful statistics which big name schools are really not as beneficial as their popularity and media stats would suggest. He also has all kinds of insight and statistics that completely changed what we understood about medical schools and hospital systems. He also explained why certain medical schools didn't show up on the statistics (such as Harvard Medical School). Medical school professors we knew couldn't provide us with the information he shared with us, but they later confirmed what he shared when they looked into it. Dr. Chi also emphasized the dramatic difference between college and grad school admissions, and we took his advice to start planning for grad school options in high school with implementation of the plan in the freshman year of college. Fortunately, our kid is wise to that advice. Things are quite different for this generation, and our entire perspective and approach to applying for undergrad and grad schools had to change dramatically. My advice is to team up and believe him from the start, otherwise your family will spend many hours going through all the verifiable information that he has and perhaps wasting time reading unhelpful or misleading material in some books before you get moving along in the best of ways.

Reviewed by Another a, 10/25/2014

Far better than the other academic coaches and college application counselors that we tried. The former admissions officers that we consulted with were actually very annoying because they essentially only had strings to pull with the school where they had worked, so each of them are a hefty fee for a only a one shot deal - which feels very cheapy (or sleazy) despite the enormous expense... especially if they recommended a large donation to the school. Dr. Chi taught us how to build relationships with the admissions officers and professors of schools we were interested in. Our only problem is that we should have spoken with Dr. Chi much earlier to get our strategy and approach refined.

Reviewed by Lotus Y, 09/13/2014

The academic coaching at ECRIT has been great with Dr. Chi. He has a tremendous amount of info, insight and experience with college admissions. We felt reassured when he backed up his analysis with actual data from books and articles. He also understands the delicate nature of relationships between a parent and their kids when it comes to something expensive + life-altering like college.

He didn't paint a rosy picture - he gave the positives and the negatives - and it opened up the eyes of my kids. He also talked about the great possibilities that we didn't think about versus the tremendous changes taking place.

We've appreciated all of it... the essay advice, the interview advice, portfolio creation, key admissions relationship advice, admissions officer psychology, early college visits, etc. It will al benefit my younger teen even more than my graduating senior.

Reviewed by Costas , 08/11/2014

Andrew has been a great coach for my daughter.  when I first met him, I thought he was an illustrator, and we enjoyed his sketches.  It's been great seeing him in action on the field as an athletic coach for in addition to individual skills and team strategy he uses sports psychology and focuses upon improvement.  He showed no favoritism, he passed the glory of achievement to his players, and his team respected and enjoyed him. After I happened to find out much more about his background, I better understood why he coached the way he did. We look forward to more of his encouragement and skill-building.

Reviewed by Fresh P, 08/07/2014

If you think you have a helpless situation or a terrible academic fall, Dr. Chi really can help you out... however slippery or hopeless it may all seem at first. His background as a psychotherapist is very very helpful... and he also gives helpful perspective about how certain academic issues are seen by educators and employers.